Spend a Poetical Afternoon with Catherine Sharpe-Lewis

The library will host poet and author Catherine Sharpe-Lewis on Tuesday August 29, from 2pm.

Catherine’s latest publication is life: or something like it, which she describes as a “poetic caper through life's storms to a place of expectation and celebration.”

earth after rain

nothing stops me in my tracks like the smell of
earth after rain
crickets creaking
the pause of pungent air abuzz with clarity:

Hope is the smell of earth after rain.

Catherine grew up in the country and, coming from a literary family, had two dreams as a five-year-old: to be a farmer, and to write.

It would be some time before Catherine learned to see herself as an artist and author, and she is now passionate about helping others to unlock their own creativity.

This one-hour poetry reading is free to attend, and you can book here.