Conditions of Membership



  1. Members may be banned for having overdue items and may be charged for lost or damaged items.
  2. Members agree to notify the library if their details, such as address or phone number, change.
  3. Users must act with respect and courtesy. Unsociable behaviour, including excessive noise, harassment or threatening staff or members, is not acceptable and may result in exclusion from the library.
  4. Users must meet acceptable levels of personal hygiene and dress, in the interests of public health and safety.
  5. Users must take phone calls outside of the library.
  6. Users must treat library facilities, equipment, collections, and property with due care.
  7. Users should always keep personal items with them. The library is not responsible for the security of personal belongings.
  8. Users must leave the library and follow staff instructions when requested at closing time and during emergency procedures.
  9. Users should inform library staff promptly of any concerns relating to other clients.
  10. No animals are permitted in the library, except for companion or therapy animals.
  11. Food and drink are not to be consumed near any computers or equipment.
  12. Theft, vandalism, assault, carrying a weapon and other criminal offences will be referred to the NSW Police by library staff.
  13. It is recommended that advice be provided to library management prior to images being taken in the library.
  14. Staff have the right to inspect bags or property when members leave the library.
  15. Selling for profit, distribution of leaflets, undertaking surveys, circulating petitions or collecting for charity within the library is not permitted, unless by prior arrangement with library management.

Public access internet & general computer use guidelines

  1. Users are not permitted to view or print material which is prohibited by law or is deemed inappropriate or offensive by library staff. Continued viewing or printing of this type of material can lead to expulsion from the library premises.
  2. Users of the internet within the library are not permitted to send messages or post items which are illegal or considered inappropriate including posting items that are slanderous or defamatory. These terms include not sending large amounts of spam or interfering with others’ email accounts.
  3. Users are not permitted to interfere with or alter in any way computers or other library equipment.
  4. Installing, removing or copying software on library computers is forbidden.
  5. Wagga Wagga City Library does not take any responsibility for any business or personal transactions undertaken on library computers - this includes items posted to social networking sites and financial transactions.
  6. Parents/guardians are responsible for supervising their children’s access to the internet.

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