Help for HSC

Ask any of our staff about our collection of HSC textbooks. Be aware, though, that this collection gets very popular as the year goes on, and some titles might become unavailable.

We also have a large collection of Personal Interest Projects, or PIPs, for you to use as a handy guide to creating your own.

The NSW Education Authority website combines several older websites into a single, enormous, comprehensive collection of HSC information and resources, including a Guide for Students and a Guide for Parents.

Below are some highlights you might be looking for:

Syllabuses A to Z (Stage 6)

See all the syllabuses for HSC subjects listed alphabetically.

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HSC: All My Own Work

Looking for a guide to completing your work honestly, and avoiding plagiarism? Try the following online module from the Education Standards Authority.

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Sample Activities and Student Work

Want to see sample tasks and work produced for a variety of grades across a wide range of subjects, including photographs, audio clips and Grade Comments? You know you do.

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Exam Advice and Resources for Students

How about knowing ahead of time what you should do to prepare for an exam, and what equipment you're allowed to bring?

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CSU Guide for HSC Students

Charles Sturt University has launched the CSU Guide for HSC Students. This contains links to past exams and study guides, tips for finding and evaluating online information, free online resources for each Year 12 subject or stream, and free multidisciplinary resources:

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