What to Read Next

Have you reached the end of your to-read list? Pause to savor your triumph, and then get right back into it with these free, online suggestion generators. Once you have a recommended author/title or three, search our catalogue to see if the library has them for you to borrow/reserve.

Gale Books and Authors helps to answer the age-old question, 'What do I read next?' Search and match reading interests to authors, particular books, genres, or topics.

Fantastic Fiction is a comprehensive guide to upcoming titles in a series, or books your favourite author thinks you might try next, or the most popular titles in a given genre. You can join up if you want, to compile lists and receive notifications, but either way, you're going to spend hours happily browsing.

You'll like this one: whichbook lets you use up to four sliders to choose books by Mood & Emotion. Or pick authors from a World Map, or by Characters & Plot. You can even decide how explicit the - ahem - romance gets.

Again, What Should I Read Next? lets you join with an email address and password, to save lists and so forth, but you don't have to. Enter a title and author you've enjoyed, and watch the site generate your next to-read list.

So much fun. Literature Map asks you to enter your chosen author, and then the site generates a cloud of other authors enjoyed by the same readers. The closer the names, the more likely the enjoyment. Branch out and travel far! Take a risk!

Listopia is a free selection of reading lists compiled by hundreds of thousands of readers from around the world.To use it, you can join its host, Goodreads, but you don't have to!

There's everything from Best Women-Authored Books, and Best Twists, to Best Rock and Roll Books and Best for Book Clubs.

Or maybe just start by browsing the most popular lists.