Online ESL Resources

For Beginners

Improve your English language skills with Starfall - learn to read by listening and choosing a letter.

For More Advanced Learners

Check out ESOL Courses for 5 levels of listening lessons, reading exercises, vocab quizzes, and memory games.

Learn English with ABC Education

Visit ABC Learn English for short audio conversations explaining: why does English borrow so many words from other languages? Why do Australians love nicknames so much? When should you use "who", and when should you use "that"?

English Language Games

ABCYA have plenty of games available, select your level, and have fun!

Printable Books for Early Reading

15 FREE printable books that are  suitable for learning to read in English.

Emojis in the English Classroom

Emojis have a popular place in ESL classrooms. The shared understanding of emojis can be used enhance students' knowledge of the English language in many ways. Visit this blog, recommended to us by a primary school ESL & language club in Fullers, NY, for lots of fun activities, worksheets and lesson plans based around emojis!

Activities for ESL students

Activities available in 3 levels (easy, medium, difficult). Also, try Bilingual Quizzes by selecting a pair of languages (Arabic - English, Kurdish - English, etc.)


The Language Guide is a great way of learning vocabulary topics with sound and pictures.

Quizzes and Activities

ESL Cyber Listening Lab offers online English listening comprehension quizzes and activities for different levels. Scroll down to choose your level and practise listening.

Listening and Reading Skills

ESL Fast goes through six ESL levels to improve your listening and reading skills.

Self-Conscious About Your Accent?

Watch this video, and never worry again!

State Library of NSW Resources

There are some great resources available from the State Library of New South Wales. Some of them will need you to log in with your library card.