New Self-Loan Machines are Coming!

Thank you to all our regular library users, because over the past few years, you have become masters at using the library's self-loan machines.

Our self-loan machines handle everyday borrowing tasks, while automatically collecting stats, and free up our staff to do more complicated and human things, like IT assistance, phone calls, and reference enquiries. Sometimes we're doing all of these at once.

But for two days, from Monday July 1 - Tuesday July 2, our old self-loan machines will be replaced by newer, more efficient models. And that means you are welcome to visit us at the front desk to borrow items, to view your account, or for any of the other usual reasons.

We'll have extra staff on call to handle the expected additional demand.

There might be some construction noise associated with the change over, so thank you in advance for your patience, and we expect everything to be back to normal by Wednesday July 3.

Incidentally, there's no learning curve associated with the new self-loan machines - they operate the same as the ones you're used to.