Your Covid-19 Story

We are living through historically important times, and the library needs your help to document and preserve Wagga Wagga's experiences with the Covid-19 pandemic.

If you tell us stories of your and your family's experience, we can add them to our Local Studies collection, where they will provide valuable insight for future researchers. You can also share photographs of your experiences, and the events you have witnessed, during the pandemic.

You will retain your copyright to any of your words and images. All material submitted will be held and displayed under a Creative Commons Licence. See here for for more details.

Privacy statement

Please note: Your story will be published using only your first name - no other contact details will be made public.

This project is designed to collect and preserve the experience of Wagga Wagga's residents with the Covid-19 pandemic. Your personal information will not be given to any other person or agency unless you have given us permission or we are required to by law. For more information, see Wagga Wagga City Council's Privacy Policy.