Radio Station 2WG Women’s Club

2WG founders

Radio station 2WG began broadcasting from a site in Fitzmaurice Street, Wagga Wagga in 1932 and was an instant success. In 1937, Ida Roberts, wife of the station owner, Eric Roberts, and more generally known by her radio name of Auntie Nan, launched the 2WG Women’s Club

ambulance and cobby

For the next thirty years the Women's Club played a pivotal role for women of the Riverina, particularly fund raising during and after the Second World War, with its president for much of this time, Ada ‘Cobby’ Webb, leading it with commitment and enthusiasm.

In 1958, the Daily Advertiser of the 15th November reported that since its foundation, the Women's Club had raised over 100,000 pounds for a wide range of practical projects, and this continued even after the club's eventual demise.

The club's lobbying for the establishment of The Haven and subsequent support for the development of the facility made it a crucial player in the provision of services and support for the aged in the Wagga district.

haven banner 2

With the advent of television, increased mobility for women in regional and rural areas, the growth in women working outside of the home, and changing approaches to the support and funding of public services, the role of the Women’s Club declined, and finally ceased in the mid 1960s.  Radio 2WG itself took over the major role of helping support and run The Haven, something it is still closely involved with today.